Chapter 4Mature

We strolled for a few minutes to my house. While there, I picked up some pyjama's and asked Jay if he would like to borrow some of them as I was more his size than Jack was. Jack was a bigger, stronger build.

“Sure. Thanks, man.” Jay patted me on the shoulder a little too hard, picking up some of my pyjamas. We carried on walking after saying goodbye to my mother who waved us off quickly then got back to watching Desperate Housewives on the computer.

We strolled along the street in silence for a while then Jay began humming Illuminated by Hurts, I smiled as he got to the chorus and began singing it properly. His voice wasn’t particularly good, so I joined in with him to make him seem better but as soon as I started singing, Jack started, much louder than me, no doubt trying to show off to Jay. Jay started laughing and Jack copied him. The song ended abruptly as Jay didn’t know the second verse. I was about to carry on then it seemed it would be showy off if I did.

So instead I sang something I knew he knew, well I didn’t sing, I rapped, yes rapped, Dynamo of Volition by Jason Mraz. Jay joined in with the verse and Eva joined with the chorus. I sang this one because I knew that Jack couldn’t rap and didn’t know the song anyway. He gave me evil eyes all the way through the song.

At Jack’s house, we flung our stuff on his bed while he went to the toilet and we helped ourselves to food and drink in his small kitchen. Jay didn’t look at me the whole time and ignored the joke I told as Jack came in. All of us but one laughed at my funny-because-its-not-funny joke.

“You okay, Jay?” I asked smirking subtly. He looked up at me and smiled broadly.

“Oh yes, I’m having the time of my life.” He replied sarcastically. I grinned at him and followed Eva and Jack into the sitting room where Two and a Half Men was on. We watched for a half hour with me, Eva and Jack on the long couch and Jay on the armchair. Jay didn’t seem to like anything after that. He glared at the tv screen, hoping he could burn through it with his eyes. I almost wanted to laugh at how stupid he was being.

It was obvious he liked Jack and I think it was obvious I liked him too. I wasn’t going to make a move. I wasn’t even sure if Jack was gay or even bi. I would just act normal. And I wouldn’t act immature like some people were doing.

The End

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