Chapter 3Mature

After the film we strolled down the high street, altogether this time. It was less busy now that it was starting to get dark so we could all fit on the street with no cars or people to split us up.

“Want to come back to my house?” Jay said casually, not really asking anyone in particular. His eyes kept straight ahead with his hands in his pockets.

“Sure.” Jack said at once. I glared at him then wondered why. That's right, he was trying to steal my best friend. Well, he couldn’t have him.

“Yes. I can come. Eva, you coming?” I asked her, turning my head to see her on the on the other side of Jack. I was walking next to Jay and Jack. Jay was obviously in the middle of us; Eva just trailed on the side.

“Might as well. But I thought we said we wouldn’t do sleepovers?” She said, trying to remember if we had actually said it. Bless her.

We had actually said we wouldn’t do sleepovers on Saturday’s as we wouldn’t be able to have a lie in the next day, after getting back home, as it would be Monday.

“Ah, fuck that.” Jay said carelessly and he laughed, he was quickly joined in his laughter by Jack, who chuckled too enthusiastically, causing Jay to stop abruptly and look at him in confusion. He shook it off when Jack, who was still forcing laughter, didn’t notice. I looked at Jack too, well, more of a glare again.

Then I diverted my eyes to Jay, his hair flopped down into his eyes as he hadn’t really gelled it up properly so he flicked his head to get it out of his face. I sighed as I had seen so many people doing the flick thing and looking stupid. But it looked as if Jay were made to do it as it worked perfectly. The small coloured streaks and his black hair mingled together causing almost a colour explosion consisting of black and neon colours. I gazed at it for a moment then broke away when Eva tapped my shoulder.

“Do you think Jack likes Jay? Look at the way he's looking at him!” She whispered excitedly and she giggled. I looked at Jack who was staring at Jay, not looking where he was going, Jack nearly walked into a lamppost, something I think I would’ve found hilarious at that moment.

“Yeah. I think so.” I said bluntly. She noticed my tone and looked up at me.

“Do you like him?” She forced herself to keep her voice low. She was the only one who knew for sure that I was bisexual. Jack and Jay had guessed and I think Jack had it in his mind I was definitely bi. They wouldn’t think I was completely gay as I had a girlfriend a few years before, but they never met her as she lived far away. I was always better with long distance relationships.

Damn. Eva was tipsy but she wasn’t stupid. She stared at me until I answered.

“He’s a very good-looking guy now. I’m just... adjusting to the new him.” I said unconvincingly. She narrowed her eyes at me but carried on walking anyway but occasionally saw me stealing glances of the teenager walking next to me.

The End

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