Chapter 2Mature


We stood, dumbstruck, in the middle of the street, just staring at Jay as he approached us that Saturday.

“Hey, guys.” He said coolly, running a hand through his hair. “You noticed, huh?” He gestured to himself. Eva nodded, mouth still wide open.

“You look so different. I’m liking it.” Jack said, examining Jay at a different angle where jays arse could be seen clearly in the skinny jeans which hung at the perfect height to show off a small portion of his bright pink boxers but not so much he looked like a chav.

Eva closed her mouth quickly and ruffled Jay’s hair, frowning, then she smiled and went round to look at Jay’s back (and by back, I mean arse) with Jack.

I could never be sure if Jack was gay or not. I assumed he was either: bisexual or completely gay. He would always comment on how big someone's breasts were but then I would catch him staring hopelessly at this guy in our year, Elliot, who wasn’t bad looking, but not as good looking as Jay.

“Like it?” Jay asked me quietly as the other two were looking him over. I nodded once and widened my eyes a little. His old look had been so... Jay. But this look was new and exciting for all of us. We asked him everything we could think of. Where did he get the trousers? The top? The haircut? When did he have it done? All that sort of stuff. He replied quickly with simple answers, typical Jay not to go into any detail at all.

“Okay. Can we stop talking about me now? Lets go.” He our gazes off him as we walked to the cinema just around the corner of the meeting point.

I walked alongside Eva as Jack and Jay went in front. I was silent as I listened to Jack talking.

“So, Jay, this is pretty big for you. I must say, you look amazing in those skinny’s.” My face grew red listening to Jack compliment Jay. He was also walking surprisingly close to Jay too, their hands brushed gently against each other every so often and I could feel fury inside me.

I knew Jay wasn’t homosexual. He would’ve told me, wouldn’t he? He would’ve told his best friend if he was gay. I convinced myself that Jack didn’t have a chance with Jay. But with Jay being straight, that meant I didn’t have a chance either.

Why was I thinking that? I didn’t like Jay in that way, did I? No. I couldn’t, we were just friends... best friends. Jack would never be as good friends with Jay as I was with him. Never.

The End

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