With a guttural scream my shroud burst out of it’s textured shape and turned into a dark robe, ripped and torn , an embodiment of sin and of all the things that now floated within my mind. I screamed and pushed myself against the entire world and with a deep groaning in my chest I flew faster and higher. Windows flew by like raindrops in a dark storm, and a familiar feeling was felt, like I had felt when I first came through the Breaking. Then when I stopped my banshee wail, I slowed down leisurely and floated for a while as my direction changed from up to down. It is only then that I noticed how high I had thrown myself while bursting in rage. My shroud went from pushing against me to floating above me as I now fell toward one of the buildings I had passed. I fell hard and fast. To break my fall I forced my shroud before me like tentacles toward the rooftop. I landed hard but not too hard, directly beside Guin as he smiled lightly. The wind blew my shroud behind me as I reformed it into textured and colored clothing. Guin watched me with a strange gaze.

The End

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