Creature Of Darkness

So I looked down, the rims of my hood like a frame to all that I saw. Then I looked up at my goal. “Ok, I guess I can try”. I bent my legs, or whatever they were and jumped as high as I could. Pathetically I only cleared about 2 feet.

Rachel laughed at me. “You have to remember Jon you’re dead, you are no longer a human being, and therefore you have no physical body. If I were to de-robe you before a normal person they would see nothing, your skeleton is only visible to us”.

She kind of got the point across, I was trying to jump with a physical body. I tried once more and this time I also tried to include my shroud.

“One more thing Jon, You are a spirit, emotions drive you. I was once a spirit as well you know, that’s the form I came back in. You have to use that power to your advantage, your emotions can push you forward or make you an immobile obstacle, but they can never make you go backwards. Use your hatred, and anguish to strengthen yourself, you are a creature of darkness after all.”

I looked at myself and before I tried to jump again she said one more thing “Then again.” She said softly, “Maybe it’s love that drives you’re spirit.”

The End

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