Pretty Spry For A Dead Guy

Guin turned and faced the wall. He backed up a bit then sprinted toward the wall. He jumed at least 20 feet vertical and then phased halfway into the wall. He leaped off of it once again, thrusting himself at least 40 feet, then he did so once more against the other wall and continued doing so until he reached the top.

I stood looking in awe. “Wow!”

Rachel looked at me and smiled, “You know it’s the first time we’re alone.”

I gave her a confused look in response to the statement.

She laughed and looked at the wall “I’m sure you kind of got the idea when you saw him do it right?”. I nodded and watched her walk toward the wall. “It’s not that hard... you use the wall as a slingshot, when you phase through everything will deform, and bend as you burst into the wall, when you phase back the spectral entity of the wall will snap back and launch you. You have to practice it though, it’s kind of hard the first few times. I’ll let you try to jump normally first, just to see how high you can go.”

The End

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