Fade Leap

We walked into the center of town and tall buildings rose over us like vigilant giants watching over the urban landscape. We walked into a desolate alley and phased to the physical realm there, were no one could see us. I watched as Rachel and Guin reformed their cloaks into clothing, and I tried my best, still needing practice in that respect.

Guin looked strangely at one of the walls and looked at Rachel, “Do you think it’s thin enough for him?”

Rachel looked at me as I fiddled with my Shroud, trying to perfect the textures. She giggled at my attempts and responded to Guin’s question, “You mean for a fade leap? I think he might be able to”.

At the sound of a new term I was pulled from my puttering and looked at the wall as Guin began to speak. “Time to teach you a new trick.”

The End

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