A Part Of Me, A Part Of You

I walked up to him and with an angry tone I spoke through my heart, “Guinehem , we just lived my life together, you were there, in my head, watching what I had gone through, you have a part of me in you right now!”

Guin looked at me softly for the first time ever, “And that is why we will never truly depart, and that is why I never forget any of the spirits I’ve helped because they all have a part of them with me. Although you left me with more then just memories” he smiled and holding still healing wound on his face.

I walked to him and put my hand on his face, I concentrated with all my energy and forced the darkness of my sin to show itself and latch to his wound, I absorbed every part of his wound and held it deep within me, as an emotional scar instead of a physical gash. “Now I have a part of you within me as well.”

Rachel put her hand on my shoulder and smiled to me when I turned. “We must be on our way , the sun will set soon”. I looked outside and noticed that she was right, and then I wondered in awe at how long I was in that tranced state.

The End

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