Not Until My Final Breath.

He spoke with a deep crackled voice, “Welcome to the world of the living, pleased to meet you newcomer, don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand, otherwise this will be a very short stay”.

What the hell is going on? I closed my door abruptly in fear and panic and turned around to see the whole place on fire, flames were everywhere, climbing up my legs. I was on fire! Burning screaming and all of a sudden I stopped, the flames were eating me alive but I didn’t care. Someone stood before me and smiled, her face , the face of an angel. My skin fell off, and I was stood still, the pain didn’t matter anymore, she was there. She walked up to me. Her fingers touched my face and from that point  the fire fled my body leaving no wounds at all. But it didn’t surprise me. I took her hand and put it around my shoulders and hugged her. The flames danced in slow motion as we danced with them, swaying in the wind of life. Then I said something, I didn’t think, it just came out. “ Not until my last breath”.

The End

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