The sun rose in a frenzy of tongues.... frenzy of tongues...  As I fell ... falling, through a damp gray sky. Falling into the abyss, the abyss of unsettled dust... dust, feelings, unsettled life. Frenzy of tongues. Flames! Red and gold lashing out. “Why? Why Julia’anne? NO!... Fragile, so fragile. Not until my last breat!... NEVER!” “ I usually don’t give physical examples...”
Millions of white lights flew through the air, what is going on? Flashes of what I was what I am and what I’ll be. “ No!... GOD NO!” I was crying, I could feel the warm tears roll down my cheeks, and I could taste the salt. “.... not until my last breath”. Words and phrases that cut through me and hit me like a freight train, images that burned into my mind.

The End

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