“I will need all the information we can get on this individual as we do with all others that have fallen, blind to the world, and who see only their most inner self.”

Two men came walking out with strange pieces of paper, one began chanting words in that language I didn’t understand. Guin put his hand on my forehead and also began chanting while one of the men put the paper over my head and Guins hand. I didn’t see them do it but I believe they put the other piece of paper over Guins face. Guin stopped in his chant for a few seconds and spoke to me in a whisper. “ Don’t be afraid of what you are about to experience”. The words didn’t comfort me much, I was going to be afraid one way or another. The chanting continued and the paper began to feel warmer, then much warmer, and after a few minutes it was burning.

The End

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