Phase to

The air became damp as clouds glided by and skimmed the pavement in the form of fog. The sun kissed the horizon covered by rooftops like thousands of teeth protruding into the sky. During what was left of the day Guin and Rachel had taught me to reform my shroud into different shapes, textures and colors. Not exactly an easy task when it's your first time as a dead man.

The pavement glittered with humidity, and the few taxies that still roamed the streets were followed by a puff of white behind their tires. I had dressed myself in a green and gray hooded sweater and blue jeans, the jeans being one of the hardest things to replicate, texture wise.

The trio formed of me Guin, Rachel and I made way through the maze of alleys toward the cemetery.

Guin stopped abruptly in between one of the alleyways and turned to the right were the brick wall met the cement siding of a different building. I was just about to ask what was the matter when he put his hand through the wall and walked into it. Rachel turned her green eyes to me and smiled lightly with her entire face, “ You’re going to have to try something new to come with us. This wall is the entrance to one of our sanctuaries but there is no conventional door, only a slightly thinner wall”. She put her left hand through the wall, turned to me and started, “Now what you have to do is slightly phase into the spectral realm but not too much as to completely cross over. If you do it right, everything in your sight will change forms and colors and that’s when you press through." She pulled her hand out and put it up in an invitation to for me to try “Do it here,” She pointed to a specific point on the wall, “This is where the wall is thinnest, you can only do this with thin walls, otherwise your spirit will be forced into the spectral realm."

I looked at her, then at the wall. Her whole face smiled on the outside, but I swore she was the same as with Guinehem. I could tell she cried from within.

I walked over to the wall, my jeans flapping in the breeze, “I’ll try anything once”.

She smiled and nodded her head forward to urge me on.

I stepped closer and concentrated on what I was trying to accomplish. I put my hands on the wall and slowly, phased into the spectral realm. The wall began to deform and change colors, and remembering what Rachel had said, I pushed my hand into the wall at that time. I wished I had a body to feel what was happening. My hand phased right through the wall as if it were merely a liquid.

I urged on once again by Rachel.

I pushed myself directly through the wall. I saw through the objects in the wall, like the bricks, the wooden beams, and the drywall.
Coming out on the other side something was wrong. I remembered  Guin grabbing me and shooking me quickly back and forth as he spoke, but I could only make out gibberish.

As I shook my head and held it hard, the words slowly cleared away and made sense.

“Alright already , get up, you’re fine, just don’t throw up. Oh wait.' He laughed. "You don’t have a stomach yet”.

Then I realized it wasn’t Guin, Guin rarely cracked a joke, it just wasn’t his thing.

As my view came into focus I saw before me a man with blue eyes, a very pale complection, and black hair. He stood about an inch shorter then me, 5'8 or so. He let me go with a big smile and looked briefly around at Guin and Rachel which were behind me. He turned back toward me, “So! How’s the afterlife?”.

His remark was pointless, a waist of breath. Although I suppose we had no breath to lose.

“I don’t think he really wants to talk about it” Rachel walked between me and the man to back up her words.

The man stared into nothingness for a while then nodded and continued, “Well then, let me show you the way to your room."

I put my hand on Rachel’s shoulder, and when she turned I asked the obvious question, “Room? How long are we staying?”

Rachel walked into the dark corridor before us and Guin soon followed. I guess I wasn’t getting an answer.

The End

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