A Little Action

I looked deep inside me while I walked across this wall of good that mingled with the wrong that surrounded my feeble self, and I found within me the moldable Shadow that they referred to. I was a ball of emotions. I was fearless and strong, my fuel was instinct. A design flew through my head for a split second and then , with the will and power of thought, I now wielded a 4 foot long piece of steel, and as it came out of me like a pin through silk I thrust it toward Guin, not even noticing that I had already passed the barrier of light. Guin, so surprised, didn’t react to the blade shoving deep within his chest. I pushed it deeper as he smiled and began to laugh.“It’s just fare that I pay you back.”

Guin shot his head backward laughing into the sky as black ooze leaked from his chest and tainted his teeth. It was down to the hilt in his chest, the entire blade, through him.

“You are quite impressive Ethan. I give you that much at least, but I’ve been stabbed many times, and after a while you learn to deal with such nuisances.”

Guin’s face turned serious and I gave a quick peek at the wound as it healed onto the my blade. I looked back up at him, and he smiled, with a bit of black blood on the corner of his lips. I pulled my blade out and returned it to myself as Guin lunged forward with the shock of the movement and let out a grunt. My blade was followed by a thin trail of dark puss that flew from the wound.

Rachel stood and walked into the light. “You are quite impressive. Not every new coming Dreamer learns this quickly.”

Guin looked up from his hunched body as he held his chest “Yes and not many attack their teachers either, at least not this soon.” He finished his sentence with a gurgling laugh as more black blood came up from his throat. I thought, maybe it was more painful when you actually have a body to be harmed. Guin got up quickly and his motion caught my eye. When I looked at him he had no remnants of my attack. “Well then, now all you have to do is make yourself look a little more presentable and I think we can be on our way, the cemetery isn’t exactly close, and you’re not very quick on your feet yet”.

The End

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