A Painful Lesson

Guin walked across the ribbon of sunlight that had no effect to him but would surely prove to be a sharp blade of demise to my physical being at this point.

I wanted to follow but I really didn’t think I’d survive a rematch with the sun. He hugged Rachel and invited her to sit on the bench.

“This is Ethan, we have yet to find his body, but I was just going to teach him the ways of the shroud, and of the masquerade”.

I found it quite strange for him to use those words, for in my mind, shroud and masquerade meant pretty much the same thing.

As she sat, she extended her hand. “I’d shake your hand lady, but I don’t have much of a hand to shake.”

She laughed at the truth of my words with a soft voice, the voice of an angel. “I understand the discomfort of being... um, not all there.” She withdrew her hand with a smile and sat beside Guin.

“Do we have to wait for nightfall for this? I know I’m already dead and have a lot of time to lose, but I don’t really feel like losing it pointlessly.”

Both Guin and Rachel looked at me strangely. With the same soft tone of voice Rachel spoke. “Are you in such a hurry?”

Guin laughed and got up. “We don’t have to wait any longer Ethan, please stand, Rachel and I will teach you”.

I got up slowly and from the corner of my eye noticed the flicker of a blade coming from beneath Guin’s coat. I had no time to get completely on my feet before its sleek silver form was lodged deeply into my chest.

What on earth was going on? Out of all the odd things that happened around me thus far this was one of the strangest yet. Had I put trust into the wrong person?

Pain coursed through my bones, in a screeching voice I yelled. “Guin! What the hell?” The pain was more intense then anything I had felt, at least in my afterlife. He pulled the blade from my body. A dark viscous liquid flung from my chest, following the sword as it left, and oozed out in a heavy thick stream of putrid black puss. “How the hell am I bleeding?”.

Guin wiped his sword clean.

The End

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