Thee's Company

Things began to sink into place, and it didn’t hurt that much because the wounds were never really healed. The sharp teeth of reality sank deep into the old wounds, taking their place as if they never left. Part of me didn’t want to find out who I was. I laughed, here I am saying part of me when I’m already in pieces. Suddenly a feeling grew hard in me like a heavy stone, then, it fell, breaching the soft surface of my spirit.

Fear flowed through me as I saw a Dreamer walk into the alley, I wasn’t sure how I knew it was one, maybe because I could slightly see the spirit within its shroud turned to clothes.

I turned quickly to Guin as he examined the silhouetted shape until it hit the crack of sunlight between the buildings. Then he got up with a smile on his face, and as if I had all my trust placed in him, I felt slightly better and calmed down.

“I thought you’d never come Rachel.”

A female name was strange to hear, it was the first I had heard besides the one that still now burned through me like the flames that ended my life. I took a good look at the figure, she was about 5'5, long and dark brown hair flowed across her face and down her back. She wore a khaki form fitting cotton jacket and knee high boots with a good inch of heels.

She had a long beautiful face, with a small rounded nose and two deep green eyes. She smiled at me, I nodded. Silly that gestures are the only way I could show what I felt. Yet all I was, was what I felt. I felt things so deeply that I was beginning to think they could feel them directly from my essence.

The End

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