A New Name

 “ Welcome to the valley of the dead, don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand or this will be a very short stay”, mockingly he repeated the same words he had said the first time we met. The world around me had changed drastically , the roof was no longer a roof and the ventilation shaft was now a spike rising into the sky for a good ten feet.

“I don’t understand, what happened?”. I looked around and saw this strange place as Guin walked by me, his form still visible, legs and arms and a head, yet seemingly transparent.

“This is where you go when your physical form fails. You don’t have a body to protect you from the holy rays of the sun, therefore the cloak of sin is the only thing to that can protect you from coming here. You are not too sure how to manipulate it yet and so the sun destroyed your physical form.”

Suddenly things changed again, back to their original state but there was a dark blue glow over everything. “Why did all the surroundings change like that?”.

Guin stepped off the edge of the building and fell to the streets below, traffic was beginning to pick up and I naively followed. Falling to the street, I hit the cement with no sound at all, when I took a better look at myself I noticed I was no longer a skeleton, I had features yet I could still not feel anything, except the emotions within myself, whoever I was.

Guin walked across the street and spoke to me, the distance not disrupting his voice at all, “This is where you must come to rest as well. Your spirit can only take a physical from for a certain amount of time and has to return to the this realm to regain its particles. But if it charges too much, you’ll be thrust back into the world of the living”.

Once on the other side of the street he turned and waved for me to come over. Walking across, a car turned the corner and sped toward me, I knew he couldn’t see me but primal fear held my arms before me as it passed through my being. Shocked and amazed at the same time my body froze at the exception of my head as I tracked the automobile until it turned out of site, then I spun my head around to Guin who was laughing.

“You’re a funny guy you know that? How about you give yourself a name. I’m tired of not having a proper form of addressing you”.
I turned my body toward him and frowned in puzzlement, the only thing rolling through my head in names was Julia’anne and that was obviously not my own, yet something else hit me quite hard when it passed my mind. I said it out loud, “Ethan.”.

Guin looked at me in query and repeated it pointlessly “ Ethan?”. I looked at him and smiled, for the first time, “Yes, Ethan, I’m not sure why but it appeals to me.”

Guin looked at me as more vehicles passed through us, “Ethan it is.”

The End

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