Dust to Dust

On the rooftop, we sat on a ventilation shaft. After a few moments of silence he started.

“You’re a spirit and you are missing the rest of yourself, your body and your soul”.

I shrugged and turned to him, “If I have no body what is this skeleton underneath the cloak of sin?”. Guin turned and stared at me in awe surprised that I used his nomenclature for the rags I wore.

“Well then, the black cloak of sin is exactly what you said it is. The skeleton is exactly that as well. It is the bones that normally hold tegether your soul. Your soul is the wisdom that you need to become all that you can be, and your body is the masquerade that is your outer image. It is also what will stop you from doing this.” He said, smiling as he returned his gaze to the east, where the sun now began to crest the horizon.

“Stop me from doing what?” A question pointless to ask considering the smirk he had on his face, I quickly turned to the east to see the suns rays fly across the land and over the rooftops like a soaring Pheonix, burning through the air. The awe was soon replaced by fear as a ray of sunlight plunged through me like a spear and ripped a whole through my shroud.
I turned quickly toward Guin with an accusing stare twisted in fear as my hood flew off and turned to dust in the air. My skull began to blow away as if it were a pile of sand and the sun was a gale force wind. Before I knew it, I was no longer in my cloak I turned to see the remains of my former body blow away into dust and when I raised my sight to see Guin I noticed he was suffering the same fate, his skin falling to shambles and his bones next in line as the sun ravaged his body. His spirit stayed behind where his body once sat and he was still smirking as the roof top became a twisted deformed ridge. Guin transformed into a bright silhouette, like a star had exploded from his chest.

The End

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