Nothing To Lose

Through all the crazy things that were happening one thing stuck in my head, one name that just didn’t go away, accompanied by the feeling that I had been with her forever. The face of an angel blessed my thoughts constantly and I had no idea who she was, but one thing that also floated in the pool of my mind, the thing that spiraled into the center, was the fear of what I was, or wasn’t. Maybe Guin would be of help to explain things. Sitting down on the old bench beside him, he began to speak as he watched the stars above.

“You have no idea who you are, just as I had no idea who I was.”. He turned from the sky and stared into the hood of my shroud. “You keep asking what you are. You are a dreamer”.

I was getting tired of hearing that word, dreamer, it was pointless to me, it made no sense. I got up quickly, “You aren’t helping with these riddled answers. Dreamer? What the heck is that? Stop playing with someone that has nothing to lose!”. Guin seemed surprised at my outburst and stood with a puzzled look on his face, “You’re not the ordinary spirit are you? No, definitely not, there’s something else”. He squinted and peered into the shroud tilting his head this way and that, as if to look for whatever it is he thought I had.

“This is stupid, if you aren’t going to help me then leave me alone”. I turned abruptly and began to walk away.

“Where are you going looking like that? Not knowing anything about the world around you?”.

I stopped. the words where like small pins in my feet, every step I tried to take reminded me how right he was. “If you say you are like me, why aren’t you a bag of bones like I am?”.

He smiled. that another thing that vexed me, his way of showing what he felt, I had nothing of the sort, I was an empty shell with a forgotten past and a fogged future.

The End

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