Missing Pieces.

Guin turned into an alley, it was a ten foot crack between a motel on the right and an apartment complex on the left, and was covered in garbage and other filth. In a dark corner there was an old wooden bench. He pushed back his coat as to not sit on it and slumped down onto the bench. He tapped the empty space next to him in gesture for me to sit. In doing so he pointed at the window before us. Lit by the sliver of light that carved down into the alley from the full moon above, you could see nothing but your reflection.

“Take a look at yourself, see what you’re made of” He said, a grin on his face.

I slowly got up and walked toward the glass, seeing a black hood covering an dark hole. Shaking, I got closer to the window and slowly pulled the hood, which revealed a white skull, dirty with grit. Guin stood and put his arm around me and laughed. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the moment, I put the hood back on and began to turn around. Guin stopped me and turned me back toward the window,

“You’re missing a lot of yourself right now, and you know all those answers you want are with those missing pieces of yourself... find you, then find your answers”.

With that he let me go and sat on the bench once more.

“ I don’t understand... who are you anyway?” I asked.

Guin looked up with a soft gaze, “I’m just like you, I’m a dreamer, you have a lot to learn. Sit”.

Once again I was reluctant, fearing I was stepping into more unknown then I already found myself in. This deep mud of reality that was pulling me into a whole lot of questions, and I wasn’t even sure who I was.

The End

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