Awkward Introductions

We walked away from a black square of old burnt wood and into a nearby neighborhood, abandoned by the sun and by the consciousness of its inhabitants as they slept through the darkness. Underneath the glow of a flickering street light, two men stood, smoking cigarettes. The smoke danced and spiraled upward into the night, to disappear from sight. We walked past them just as unseen as the smoke. Walking deeper into a city I have never seen, quiet and alone, hardly any traffic in the midnight streets of a rich looking part of town. Large houses with white posts to hold up the ravishing decks that stood above their lavished entrances. The waving of his long coat caught my attention and questions began coming once more, “ What is your name?” I asked.

The man stopped. “ My name is Guinehem, you can call me Guin, like most others do”. He said before moving on.

“There are more like me? That have to feel ... this?”

The End

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