A Second Chance

 I don’t know how long I lay there in that dirty puddle, something that surely concurred with my emotional state; dirty and affected by every single drop that hit me. My mind was blank, I lay there and thought, but I had nothing to think of. I had no past, no memories. Where am I? Who am I? Questions with no answers bombarded my senses and I wanted to cry, but couldn't seem to manage.

I was lost in a desert of despair with no one to help me. There was only pain, not physical but, in my mind. Pain of something I couldn't remember. All I felt was emotions flowing through me like a flame in a dry field. At the thought of flames, my mind froze. I almost began to panic, emotions flooded me even more, but specific ones; fear, pain, sadness. Beneath these, there was another. Something called to me and somehow made me get up on my feet. It was love. A love so strong that it filled my mind with thoughts of a person I could barely remember. A love so strong to make me say a name I hardly recalled.

Through the black ripped cloak that covered me I whispered this name that cut through me like a sharp blade. “ Ju ... Julia’anne”. Images flooded me, places, things, people that had no meaning to me.

It was all interrupted as I raised my head to find a man staring at me with a mocking grin on his face. He stood about six feet tall, with short grey hair, dark eyes.

His face was round and unshaven, yet he looked clean; well kept. He seemed old and tired. I took a step back to take a look around me.

The alien place was black with decaying wood stained with dark burns, remnants of a horrific day filled with pain and ending with death. My neck cracked as I turned it slowly, the bones that had snapped on impact seemed to be fine, yet when I went to touch my side I could feel no flesh. Panicking I lifted my head, and moved my hand away. The man began to laugh in a sinister tone and walked into the burnt lot and across the cage of wood that surrounded this place, I was scared, but of what?

The End

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