Summer :

I had been summoned, yet again, to my friends room. As I walked the halls, I wondered what everyone else would be doing right now. Most likely relaxing in the sun, like the boy outside, or having cold drinks under a tree. I knew what I would be doing. I opened the door without knocking; I could already hear other people inside.

"Hey Emily," I said, with the most genuine smile I could muster, "What did you want?"

"To get ready for the party tonight!" she said, as though this were obvious. I checked the little clock necklace around my neck.

"But the party's not for another 4 hours," I said, "And anyway -"

"-But it takes time to get ready! Don't you want to look good, for the first party here?" she asked. I sighed, and agreed, to keep them happy. They began tittering around the room, pulling out straighteners, curlers, make up, and various sprays and lotions from the bags littering the room. There were five of them; Emily, Sarah, Chloe, Sam, and Mia. Five appearance obssessed girls. I mean, I like to look good, but I don't need four hours to get ready.

"Should I use the midnight blue eyeliner, or the deep indigo," asked Chloe. They um-ed and ah-ed for several minutes, eventually settling on the midnight blue, based on the fact that her dress ahd midnight blue stitching.

I'd had enough by the time they started debating between lip gloss or lipstick. Whilst they rifled through make up bags, facing away from me, I silently slid of the bed. I lightly crossed the room, in between the little piles of clothes. Slowly, and silently, I turned the door handle, pushing it gently away from me. Thankfully it didn't creak. I gently closed it again, slowly turning the handl back to its original position. As soon as it was closed, I darted down the stairs, and across the building to my own room. 

The End

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