A gray sky covers the dark charred earth and a hole opens in the storm. A black shroud falls from the heavens, screaming , flailing about in the wind of the storm. It is crushed against the hard deformed surface of the night. The robe to slowly follow its descent, dancing in the wind, and reaching its resting place on the black earth. A dreamer is born in the desolate landscape of an unknown world with an unknown path to follow and nothing but a deep love to guide his way. A spirit that must pie

Blackness surrounded me. The wind blew the shroud around me into a frenzy of tongues as I fell in the gray damp sky. I only assumed it was damp from the fog that blurred by me, yet I couldn't feel anything but pain. I inhaled a long screeching gasp and without control I yelled  out into the howling wind, to be devoured and concealed, overcome. Coming out of the clouds I finally saw the rain, yet it didn't seem to be falling, it slowly backed away in the opposing direction as I spun in the air and witnessed the dark earths details become more detailed, more visible. How did I get here? where was I going? I had no time to think, the ground came too quickly and with a thump my bones cracked, shattered on the surface of this desolate place. The shroud stopped dead and slowly follow me into the earth. My mind was twisting in a spiral like the puddles of water I saw before me. The black cloak covered me like the night sky.

The End

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