Dreamer {Chapter One}

Maggie Haner has some big dreams for just your average, not-so-typical 13 year old girl. Singing in her life. Nothing means as much to her as singing does. Maggie has the personailty to become a pop star, but not exactly the guts. Tag along with Mags, and the rest of her crew as she gets closer and closer to Hollywood.

     I slammed my locker doot shut. Another horrible beginning to yet another Monday morning. Things were always the same. Nothing was ever going to change in this old town.          

"Did you study for the science test today?" asked Mandy, my best friend. She starred at me with her hazel eyes and decided to start biting her nails.

"What?" I screeched. "We have a science test today?" Mandy nodded.

"The periodioc table of elements," she replied, fixing her glasses. Mandy was your average no-it-all. She knew pretty much everything a 13-year-old could possibly know. She didn't have a lot of friends. Well, except all of those nerds from the chess club. And of course, Mandy just had to be one of those nerds. But she was my nerd, and that was the way it was going to stay.

"Are you telling me you didn't study?" she asked. Her eyes widened.

"What do you think?" I rolled my eyes abd walked down the hallway. My worn out jeans dragged on the floor, unlike everyone else who was wearing a pair of Uggs. Even Mandy had a pair. I felt so out of place, as usual. Nothing was right for me. Not a lot of friends. Not a lot of good grades. Not a lot of money. Not a lot of anything. It seemd that there was nothing I could do right. Except sing that is.

Singing had been my life ever since I could talk. No I couldn't get an A- on a science test, but I could belt out those notes like no one could believe. Sometimes I wish I could put as much effort into my homework as I do in singing. But no one can hear me sing. No way. Not happening. The only time I really do sing is in the shower. Or when no one's around. Or in front of my dog Wendy, who really had no idea what I'm doing.

But that's about it. And that's how it's going to stay. For now...

The End

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