I wake up with a start. Sweat trickles down my face, and tears swell in my eyes. This is a normal thing for me, though. When I have bad dreams, it utterly scares me because I know they're true. I wish I was normal... I wish I didn't have to worry about this... 

Shaking with tears, I sit up and fumble around my nightstand for my phone. After a few moments, I find it and call my best friend, Nate. 

"I had another bad dream." I say, my voice trembling just as much as I am.

"What happened this time?" Nate asks. He sounds sad, just like me. He's the only person that knows I'm a dreamer, other than my family. 

"I dreamed that I was strapped down to a table... Someone was laughing. And then a door opened. Two hooded people came in, and they were dragging you and Ezra along with them. The person laughing ordered the people to kill you, and I had to watch you two get tortured to death..." I say, trailing off at some moments. Tears begin to trickle down my face faster. Ezra was my 17 year old brother,  and my only best friend, besides Nate. 

"Oh... A-are you sure that this will... come true...?" He says, his voice shaking now. He knows just as well as I do, though, that this dream would be of no exception. It will come true, just like all my others.

"You know how it is, Nate..." I say.

"Can I come over for the weekend?" He asks, reminding me that today is Saturday.

"Sure." I say, calming down slightly. With a lot of effort, I stop crying and wipe my face dry with the sleeve of my shirt. 

"I'll be over soon." He says and then hangs up. 

The End

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