It was like a dream, ….I try closing my eyes sometimes, in hope that I fall back into the bubble. Right into his arms, standing before him and staring into his eyes.
 My fingers buried deep in his soft hair and his grip O so tight around me. The air, our enclosure at a perfect standstill. While, I catch my breadth, close my eyes and slowly go over to kiss those lips I’ve missed so much. First they’re light and teasing, our eyes meet and I smile. Then he goes down to my neck and I look up at the star-y sky and wonder the moment’s perfection, but pleasure overwhelms me. My head spinning, forehead creased followed by a great rush of sexual feelings. He’s so good. We move together mechanically, in a motion only known to us. Sensually connected we’re one in everyway. The feeling absolutely sublime! Transcending! Magnificent!
Lasting only a few minutes he then looks over at me and tells me that he loves me. I say it too.
You have no idea, the feeling, so satisfying, so whole. I can just hold him whenever I want and kiss him; it’s all in me, he’s right there…

But I end up waking up soon after, alone in bed. All the time. Staring into space. Wondering where everything went. I can’t see him, but my heart tells me to go on dreaming.
So, I’ll still go back to bed every night and close my eyes, in hope that tonight, it turns to reality.



The End

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