Monday morning

Tessa woke up in a fright, her covers were wrapped around her and she had broken out into a sweat during her sleep. The nightmares were getting worse, and the olny person to believe her was on holiday for a week. she sighed and climbed out of bed and walking downstairs to the kitchen. Luker, her brother, sat at the table making his way through a bowl cereal.

"Good sleep?" he asked her as she grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl.

"The usual Luke, it never changes." he loked at her as if she was insane then shrugged his shoulders.

"The doctors coming round today, so behave." Tessa stopped chewing a mouthful.

"Doctor?" she swallowed the mouthful heavily and then coughed as a piece of apple had difficulty sliding down her throat.

"To see what is wrong with you."

"There's nothing wrong with me. I'm as healthy as a horse. I'm not going to see this doctor." Tessa walked out of the kitchen in a bad mood and five minutes later was back downstairs dressed and ready to go.

"Where you off to?" Luke asked as he walked past her.

"Out to see Michelle." before Luke could argue she was out of the door, she stoped on the doorway, across the road was her dreamcatcher, the man wearing the cloak. she ran across the road but he was gone. she frowned and went to cross the road again but she fell to the floor. just as this happened a car zoomed straight past her, if she hadn't of fallen, she would of died. she slowly stood up and looked around for a sign but there wasn't one except a black cloak laying on the floor.

The End

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