Chapter Twelve Book One

We found Xaviors apartment easily, his door was cracked open. Which was the only strange thing. It seemed empty. Then Elizabeth stepped back

"We have to get out" She said going to turn, when the door slammed shut. I whipped around and there was Xavior, held back by two (very scary) looking guys. He looked humilated and frantic. A girl stood apart from them, I could imediatly tell she was in charge, although she looked no older than me. All three had ghost's, quiete a few at that. I tried to swallow, but my throat was to dry.

It was Elizabeth who broke the silence.

"Elliot's left Maria, he'll be with his parents in a matter of hours. It's just us." she grinned

"Elliots parents are dead" I glanced at Elizabeth she betrayed no emotion

"Fine then. He already has a ride out of the country, he's probablly half way to Quebec by now."

it was a good lie, I would believe it if I hadn't know better.

"Well we'll just have to make sure he comes back won't we." she walked toawrd Elizabeth and reached to grab her hand, Elizabeth tried to sprint to the door, but Maria caught her. The moment her hand touched her skin Elizabeth screamed. Then she removed it and Elizabeth crumpled to the floor, clutching an awful burn where her hand had been. I remebered Xaviers words;


 Then she stepped toward me, I freaked punching and clawing and kicked her. After ential shock and quickly gained control. Grabbing both my hands and searing them. The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before, it was unbearable, I screamed loulder than I have ever screamed in my life. After an eternity, she let go.

 She knelt down and stared at my face

"You're Gale Delaney's Kid aren't you"

"Don't lie"

Elizabeth screamed, now being restrained by one of the men. I glanced up at Xavier, his face was unmoving, and unemotional. And that hurt much more than my hands.

"Yes" I mumbled, she smiled and got up.

"Take em all" Maria ordered, yanking me up by my arm and sliding a cloth bag over my head. I could only guess we where being led out of the apartment and into a car. I didn't know where we where going and although faced with the fact of death I couldn't help but remeber Xavior's face. How he had done nothing, said nothing felt nothing.

The End

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