Chapter 11 Book One

The school was eerily silent as everyone watched; stunned. The death toll was 150 now, but it was rising. Fire was everywhere, and citizens where being asked to evacuate. A shreik interupted our silence, a few boys came running down the hall I recognized then, Alex and John they where nice, both witches but not really the type of guys I hang out with. The two where breathless and had a panicy look on there faces.

"Mrs.Donalyn (the headmistress) you have to see this" They panted "It's in the West hall by the..boys dorms."

The school broke out in furious whispers, it took the army of teachers to silence them. Which by that time, both Mrs.Donalyn and the boys where gone.


I was here for nearly a week and the school was being shut down. Everyone had known about the graphiti within an hour of it actually happening. Written in messy red scrawl across the walls of the hall to the boys dorms was the threat "You're next". The message was easily erased from the walls, but not from everyone's mind. After discussing with a few senior teachers and staff Mrs.Donalyn announced that the school was closing, for an undetermined amount of time. Student's where advised to find there familes and get out of the country to Quebec Boston and preferable Europe, which was still safe. The school erupted in a furious panic and was half empty by dinner. I found Elizabeth in our room packing and I remebered my rage.

"Why was my mom murdered, Elizabeth I hav a right to know" I nearly shouted, after shushing me she said calmly

"You're mother was a spy, she passed our secrets on too the Lucida. When it was found out everyone knew, she had to be dispossed of."

"And me? Why did they supress my powers?"

"It was comman practice for children of traitors only about a year go it became morally wrong." my anger cooled, tears welled in their place

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Becouse I didn't want your image of your mother to be obstructed. Why do you think I never talk about my mother or father? Why do you think I practically live with Elliots family? My parents are dead becouse they played both sides agianst eachother with false prophecy's and fabricated intelligence. They expedited this war, and they paid for it with there lives. But I didn't know that, and when I found out it hurt more than anything. I didn't want you to know."

 She was in tears too, so I found myself crying with Elizabeth, for our familes of traitors and for what we had lost and may lose in this war. I cried with a girl I barely knew and during that paniced night we found solace in eachothers strength. It was Elliot who interupted us at about midnight. He ripped open the door to find a half packed suitcase and two emotionally wrecked girls.   

He walked in tentitavly, like someone was going to throw something at him. He directed the first question to me

"Do you have somewhere to go Riley?" the thought of facing my Dad, the kids at school and the town agian mae me shudder. So I told a white lie


"Would you like to come with me and my family to london?"

I nodded taken aback by his generosity, and I thought he didn't like me. Elizabeth and i finished packing in silence and made our way out the door. No one stopped us, almost no one was left anyway. He walked out to chao's on the streets, people where running, and a building on the street was on fire. Elizabeth looked at my face and mouthed.


 ah, the walls where soundproof, that would make sense, I never heard a car horn or bus while in the school. We ran to a nondescript black car, which Elliot drove, and I breathless asked.

"Why did no one come after us?"

"Becouse thhe Lucida haven't gotten this far into the city yet"

Elliot answered maneuvering around people, his calm voice slightly shaken. As we crossed onto the far reachs of town we hit traffic, apparently the few people who could get out of the city did. The crazyness had not reached the south edges of the island yet. I recognized the place, it was right where Xavior lived. Even if we had an ackward moment I wasn't letting him die for it. My heart thudded "Had he gotten out?"

"Is Xavior Alright" my voice shook

"He can take care of himself" said Elizabeth gravely


I  thought, they didn't care about him. I saw the way Elliot looked at Xavior, slightly wary, slightly discusted. They where polite and Elizabeth and Xavior where legitimate friends, but they could care less if he died. I ripped open he car door when we reached a standstill in the traffic.

"I'm going to find him" I said

"They won't hurt me, but they certainly want to kill you Elliot."

"Riley thats sucide, get back in the car." He pleaded

"No, you need to get out of here, I can take Riley to find him. We can take his car even if we don't find him" Said Elizabeth giving Elliot a kiss worthy of any action movie and racing out of the car.  

The End

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