Chapter Ten Book One

I was in the sertile hospitail, the scent of bleach and leamonshine assulated my nose, and made my eyes water. I looked up at my mother, (who looked like the lovely woman everyone said she was; before the cancer ate her insides) and asked in a curious childlike way

"Why is everyone at the hospitial playing dress up?" she gave me a horrified look.

"What-What do you see Riley?"

"Well theres a lot of people and that man" I pointed to a blank space "And he has lots of blackness on him, like he's burnt" my mother picked me up and told me not to say another word. Noticeing her tone, I didn't. She walked quickly in a panic and told the nurse who was attending to my father (who broke his leg attempting to jump from our roof into our pool)  and spoke to the nurse for a while. A lot of ghost's tried to speak to me, but I didn't answer. I tried to be good for her, I really did she had been away for months and Dad said it was becouse I was bad becouse I was wrong and I upset her. But he just wanted to make me as hurt as he was.

Mother and I drove to the far edge of town, to a littl house with a ricekty fence and wilting flowers. She made me wait outside while she yelled and pleaded with the man inside. She told me he was a doctor but I didn't believe her, he was only wearing jeans and a sweater and he wasn't even in an office. We directed me into another room to "speak quietly" it was filled with books, I had never seen so many in my life, I was baffled. He told me I was special and wonderful and gave me pills that would make all the bad things go way. And it did.


I was sitting with the Doctor now ten, he slipped me a vile saying if I gave this to my mother in secret she would get better. He didn't refill my pills, saying I didn't need them anymore. That I was a big girl, and could handle it.

I found myself collasped in tears for over an  hour, about Clara about my mother. I had been the one to kill her I knew that now. Whoever he was manipulated me into posioning her, into killing my own mother. Than he forced me to have a nervous breakdown by not giving me the pills. Making me believe I was schzophrenic, so I would never figure out I saw ghost's. As the peices fit together the more paniced I got, Elizabeth lied to me. If someone killed my mother there had to be a reason, and they most likely did it with magic. Filled with rage and hurt I tore down the stairs not noticing how quiet it was, I found nearly the enitre school huddled around a small TV in the east cafeteria. It was the news, riots broke out in Chicago. Huge fires where erupting all over the city and the death toll was rising by the minute. No one could understand why this was happening, but the reporters speculated that it was becouse of the high unemployment rates. But everyone in that room new it wasn't, all my peers had the same distraught face. My anger at Elizabeth vanished, replaced with worry. Clara's death hadn't been an isolated incident, it was a threat of something much more terrifying.

The End

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