Chapter Eight book one

the walk home was silent, an ackward. I was mentally screaming at myself, my humilation at my utter stupidity coming out in anger. The streets all looked the same at night, I checked my watch, nearl two in the morning. We where pretty much alone, with the exception of a few drunks or reasonable sketchy people. As we neared Stark I noticed a movement down the block, I turned to look. A tall figure, a girl with curly black hair sprinted past me; then through me. I stood there dumbfounded, Xavior turned towards me

"Riley whats-" A shreik interupted him. It was in the alley way next to the club. I instinctivley ran toward the noise, with Xavior only a few feet behind. In the dim light of the back alley there was a tangled heap lay Clara, blood pouring from her sides. Elizabeth stood there, shaking with Elliot clutched to her side holding a crumpled index card looking numb. 

"Is she" my voice was nearly hysterical, I couldn't finish the thought, my thoughts jammed.

"Yes" Xavior whispered

I couldn't think I couldn't do anything it was to much, it was just to much. The thought of someone so bright, vibrant and full of life cut short filled me with the worst sense of dread since...

I was strapped down in a ambulance, ripping my skin and hair out as much as I could, I HAD to die, I was wrong I was discusting I was evil, like the doctor had said. I didn't deserve to live. Daughters should never kill Mothers, even if someone told them too. She looked like a heap of bones in her coffin, she didn't have any eyelasses, Daddy said all her wishes where gone. She was a carcass a glass shell, he had became glass too, but unlike mothers perfect glass skin his was a dirty muddy brown, opaque in the places where alcohol flowed in his veins. They told me it wasn't my fault, but I didn't believe them. I killed her the thought chanted in my head, until the found the right balance of narcotics to shut me up for eternity.

I threw up by the tash bins. Blind and detached to the small crowd of people collecting from inside Stark and the street. A girl I knew from school saw me, Alice was her name. She took hold of my shoulders and lead me back to the school, after reasuring Xavior that I would be ok. She didn't say much, but I felt like I was underwater so her voice feel on deaf ears. I don't even remeber getting into my bed. Only the unforgiving light of the morning.    


The End

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