Chapter Seven Book one

Stark was like nothing I have ever seen. It wasn't really my thing but I could certaintly gape couldn't I? Glitter feel an anonomys source, blanketing everything in a silver sheen. There where no lights, only small orbs of colored lights, bouncing from one of the building to the other, creating a dazzeling effect. The music was blaring, and it was packed. As I tried not to stare Elizabeth and Elliot disappered somewhere I didn't want to follow, and Clara found a few barbies from school and made her way to the dancefloor. So I was stuck ordering water at the bar like an idiot.

That is until I felt an unnaturally cold finger tap my shoulder. I spun, expecting a ghost, but it was Xavior (with his ghost's). He grinned and shouted over the music

"I didn't know you where into this"

I shouted back "I'm not"

"You want to leave?"

Mhm a guy asking me to leave somewhere and abandon the people I came with (well they did abandon me..), tonight was a night of first's. But Xavior was my friend, and Elizabeth had made it clear that she didn't want me seeing him. If I wasn't up to my eyeballs in everything else I would have questioned it and pursued an answer. Maybe subconciously I didn't want one.

The air had gotten decidedly brisk since we left, but anything was better than being with all those people alone, with all that noise...Xavior and I began walking, not to anywhere in particular just, to go.

I began speaking "How did you know I was there?"

 Xavior sighed "Clara lives at bars on weekends, its only lately that Elliot decided he needed to be there to make sure she dosen't do anything really stupid. "

"Like what?"

"like, sleep with someone she shouldn't, get alcohol  posioning, get into a fight. It's a dangerous time to be a Martin, Elizabeth's very brave to stay with Elliot, but they need to stay together. And Clara isn't going to stop partying, even with her life on the line."

I was used to people keeping me in the dark by know, but mortal danger? I swallowed

"They never told me."

His eyes widened

"They haven't told you anything have they?"

"Besides the basics of civility and what they and I can do, nothing."

He cursed then asked me back to his apartment, I trusted him, and agreed. HIs apartment was not what I had expected. I had come to believe everyone in this world was weathly, but then agian Xavior did work in a coffee shop. It was messy and small with an unused kitchenette, an old ripped up couch about four storage bins a lamp and a laptop. After apologizing about 50 times for not having any food to give me, having a messy apartement, for having a small apartment. I finally got him to talk,

"Do you know about the Atra and the Lucida?"

"The what?" I supposed I answered that for him

"The Atra are composed of  Dark Witches, Vampires and Shades. The Lucida are Firestarters, Werewolves and Witches. Pshyics are free to choose sides."

"There are such things as vampires and werewolves" I wouldn't put it past them to neglect to tell me, I mean they where nice, but they kept far to many relavant things to themselves.

"So you don't know about me then?" He asked, knowing the answer

"No, what?" but I figured it out, I was waiting for him to prove me wrong

"Riley I'm a vampire, I'm sorry I thought you knew. I wouldn't have talked to you, or anything if I didn't know If you-" I cut him off, my mind was racing, no charging. I felt like my head was about to explode, I wasn't prepared to fight off a vampire I didn't even know what he could do or wanted to. I felt used and neglected and worst of all stupid. Why didn't they tell me? They knew we where getting close, wouldn't that be something you would tell a friend?

"Riley are you ok?" He asked quietly, since I hadn't said anything since he told me.

"What are you going to do to me?" my voice wavered, pain flickered in his eyes

"I don't eat people Riley, I never have"

"But what about your gh-" I cought myself to late, he sat back on the couch and looked at the ceiling "I have ghost's?"

"Three" I whispered

"What do they look like?" his voice sounded horse and I described the three, the man in a soldiers uniform, he looked from the WW2 or korean war. The ragged girl, and an old woman.

distaste cloulded his voice "well I guess you can't live forever without picking up some baggage. you want to know who they are don't you?"

I nodded "The man in the uniform is the only person I have killed in my life, he murdered my little sister who is the girl. And the old woman is Laura, my wife, she killed herself about five years ago."

"I'm so Sorry"

He smiled wistfully "I don't like pity Riley, but the more you know about me the more you will feel bad. It's not a pretty story."

"Then you don't have to tell it" I reassured, it wasn't my nature, but the look he tried to hide on his face was enough to tell me that was all I'm getting out of him for a night.

"So anyways", he changed topics "I' don't sparkle if you didn't already guess, I can obviously go out in the day time, I don't age or eat. And thats pretty much it"

"But you drink blood" I countered


I left it at that, I didn't want to know the mechanic's the fact he didn't kill people was enough for me.

"How old are you?" I asked

"I was born in 1925, so I think I'm in my mid eightes"


"You are free to leave if it bothers you, really nothings keeping you. I'll even show you the way."  

" I don't really care about it actually, just curious?" I said, and  realised I meant it Xavior was just Xavior, his confession had obscured my veiw of him for a moment. But he was still just the guy who saved me from being alone, he was the one who made me feel welcome in an unfamilar city. It didn't bother me as much as I thought.

"A lot of people have said that, but thank you."

know it was my turn to change the subject

"So about the atra and lucida?"

"Yes, there mostly indeginous to different parts of the world werewovles have been found mostly in africa, south america and austrailia while shades can only exist in the northern hemisphere."

"Whats a shade?"

"Hard to explain, its pretty cool actually, but don't worry about it there only a few left all in Europe."

"And a firestarter?"

"The name says all"

"But it dosen't"

"trust me" I did. For some unfalliable reason, I did. Looking back it must have been desperation, although my life was never peachy I always had someone to count on. Xavior was that someone.

"So about them?"

"Well they don't exactly like eachother, the atra is responsible for the western world and they have been screwing the lucida over and over agian. They want revenge, and have been asking for retrabutubtion for about a hundred years. We came close to giving them compensation in the sixties but things turned to violence to soon. But by know their getting strong enough to take what they want by force. And being the most influential family in America the Martins are there main target, they also want to send Europe a message, that there strong and willing to fight. Killing them is the best way to do that. Elliot and Clara's Cousins where already murdered when the Lucida took Miami"

I remeber that, a riot took place, for almost no reason and Miami was a mess for weeks. The national guard was almost called in. And if I remeber corectly a weathly bisniness man and his family where stabbed to death. For reason unknown.

"Whats the prize?"

"North America, they have almost half of it know but cities like New York Seatle and Chicago remain strong."

"The whole thing!?" I sputtered

"Horrible things where done to them, nearly all racial discrimination began with us. But I favor forgiveness, the next generation isn't prepared to fight, but the lucida's generation is extremely powerful but undisaplined."

"So where screwed" I was nauseous, the new wonderful world I had recently been expossed to had its own problems. I had hoped, but without luck; apparently.

"not yet" he smiled

it was at that second I really took notice of everything, I was sweating, it was at least 80 degree's in the apartment. Which was riduclous to say the least. And coming from a small stereo in the corner beirut played softly. I got up to take off my coat, Xavior jumped up as well, but we just stood there, midmotion. Lost in thought, I could feel it. The ackward electricity of attraction. I turned to see him and he too me.

"Dance with me" I whispered. He obliged quietly. And in that dingy sark apartment he held me close, and we swayed/stood there, cautious about what we where doing, and almost afraid of it. Then in an instant or a mellenium, we kissed. He was freezing cold, and tasted like iron (not going to think about it....) and mouthwash. It was beautiful, and fantastic. Until he pulled away, and gave me that look. The one I was only becoming acustumed too, the one off sheer destroying pain. It wasn't a puppy dog face, more like someone trying very hard to not show how they feel.

"You deserve better."

"And how could you know, how could you know that I'm more aweful than you could ever be?" tears stung my eyes, with the painful recolection of my mother.

"They don't want you with me"

"They aren't responsible for me"

"Riley, this is wrong"

"Xavior it was just a-"

"It wasn't and you know it"

"At least take me back, I don't know the way"


we walked in silence. I felt awful, beyond awful, humilated and ashamed. I hated that I acted like a stupid hotheaded girl, and believed it could work. I fought tears, if he didn't want my pity I didn't want his. He couldn't see me upset, he couldn't.


The End

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