chapter six book one

Orientation was what I had expected, the school was orgainized more like a college, with block scheduling, free periods and th ability to roam the city and have sleepovers with the girls (or guys, but no co-ed sleepovers, obviously) who lived in manhattan if you allerted your supervising teacher. There was about five hundred high schoolers and about three hundred middle schoolers, it wasn't large by most people standards but it was big to me. We only had about two hundred kids in my old high school. The teachers where nice, but not exactly great and Elizabeth was right, the students where sweet if you where rich (or pretended to be). we only had four or five one hour periods a day with a mandated hour long gym workout or workout class (yoga&pilates type stuff) and an hour long art period. No one really talked about having cool powers, but in my photography class a boy did make a light bulb explode to pis*s off the teacher. And Elliot was in my advanced physics and chemisry class (people in the science and technology stream had to take two science classes and two advanced math classes) It was certainly more chalenging than my old school, where they didn't really know what to do with me. And elizabeth was in my photography class, but we didn't have any other classes becouse she was in the art&english stream and even stranger Clara was in my calculus class, but she was a senior anyway . I felt I could get comfortable in this sort of enviorment. My sense of hope blossomed. The days feel into a pattern and I even made some more friends, besides Ruby, Elizabeth, Xavior and Elliot. We hung out at the ledge almost everyday and sometimes brought people with us like Clara's glittering group of barbies, or Ruby. I talked to Xavior as much as I could, I never figured out what he was but it didn't really matter he was unlike any guy I ever met, and even though it was clear Elizabeth Clara and Elliot didn't really want me close to him they never seemed to mind when we spoke. By that friday Clara even invited me to spend friday night at her house and go to a club. I agreed, I've never even been to a party and haven't even thought of going to a club with fake id's and tons of money. I dipped into my savings (from working at a local ice cream shop over the summer) scolded myself for not looking for a job and got together a hundred dollars. Clara even promised me I could borrow a dress.
Friday night came and Elizabeth and I headed over to the Martin mansion and dear god it was huge. An antique brownstone with modern styling and massive rooms. I gapped and Elizabeth laughed at me.
"Trust me, this is nothing to there Paris home"
Clara rolled her eyes at me when she saw my look, but that was just how she was, although I didn't like her at first she grew on me. Despite being B*tch occasionally she was sweet and fun to be around. After spending 2 hours getting ready (not me, I did it in half the time) we left for Stark, the name of the club we where going to. Elizabeth said it was only for our kind, making it much cooler than any where else, and the only one too. I was slightly worried, I had never been in a drinking enviorment (other than my house) but I knew I wasn't touching a drop. It would be extremely stupid of me to do that when I have alcohol problems in the family. Clara gave me the prettist dress too, it was super short (but I wore tights) and entirely sequined in gold. I felt pretty in it, something I was just accustumed to doing. That sense of optimisn I had been feeling extended to the night and even the rest of the year. I felt unstopable.

The End

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