Chapter Five Book One

I couldn’t say much about the next few weeks, September blurred into October my life was taking a good turn. Clara and I actually became friends while Elizabeth and I only got closer. I even told her about my mother, and believe it or not she was orphaned. It gave us a sort of understanding about each other. Elliot and I had a lot of classes together and we talked, Elizabeth and him where very serious in there relationship. It was the sweetest thing. As for guys none seemed particularly interested but I didn’t worry, I’d never exactly been in a serious relationship. Ruby and Amelia had become good friends in the next few weeks, they’d even invited me to Charlotte Dubose’s penthouse party (yes, it WAS amazing, until the pills where being passed out which was when Amelia and I ducked out, Ruby had wanted to stay) Elizabeth kept insisting on buying me clothes though, she said she’d always wanted a sister, and apparently I qualified, I’d wake up some days with new things just lying on my bed. They where lovely and of course exactly what I wanted. I’d tried to return some, only to find she had ripped the tags off.

By the first week of October Elizabeth and Clara buzzed about Xavior coming back from Rome. I didn’t know him at all, and Elliot said he wasn’t in school with us. I got the impression a lot of people didn’t like him, Ruby said she didn’t like “his kind” and Amelia simply stated he made her uncomfortable. I kept an open mind, I didn’t even know this guy and obviously Elizabeth and Clara trusted him. We where meeting at a small sushi bar a few blocks from our school on Friday. Xavior didn’t cross my mind much, I had been introduced to dozens of Elizabeth and Clara’s “friends”. That day was uneventful, except for Elliot being on edge (and setting our experiment on fire in the lab) and snappish all day. We left for the bar after school, I thought it was weird at first how many food places that hung out at (and only ordered drinks I might add) but I quickly realized it was only a few places in the city you could actually sit and talk. I could feel the tension, Clara immediately ordered a drink, and Elizabeth snapped at her for being drunk before they even hear the news.

“News of what?” I asked, and Clara looked at me like I was stupid

“What’s happening in Europe mostly, how everyone is taking things actions that need to be taken. Mostly political stuff, boring I know but considering you where personally implicated by it I knew we could trust you. I mean you didn‘t freak about Elliot and I.”

I gave her the most confused look on earth, I could feel my eyes widening with every sentence. Then my mind went frantic trying to remember if I had taken my pills that day, and I reached in my bag to grab another, thinking wildly that it wasn’t working. Within that frame of time Elizabeth’s mouth dropped open.

“You mean you don’t know?” she asked stupidly

“Know what?” It was that moment Xavior walked in the door.

The End

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