Chapter Four Book One

The next day began in the same fashion, except that I got up at 6:30 and wasn't running late. We ate breakfast and by now everyone who was boarding was here so there where more introductions. Surveying the crowd I noticed a few particular things. First off, everyone was white. This was New York so I didn't expect an equal ratio, but was suprised that no one was hispanic, asian, native american nothing. Second, they where all pale, it was like I had entered a time warp to 1890. No one said anything so I figured I would ask Elizabeth later and have her explain everything to me. After we ate the lunch staff ushered us into the lobby where final scheduales where handed out, in the NYSEC we could pick from one of two "streams" where the focus was on either english and art or science and technologly I had obviously picked the latter and was not so suprised when Elizabeth claimed to be an asipiring novelist and Ruby didn't claim to anything, only mumbled about artistic dreams but thankfully Amellia annd I had our two periods of calculous together, but I was alone in physic's and ap chemistry, but I didn't mind. At eight kids from the city began arriving I met Clara and Elliot, they looked like siblings, both nearly 6ft with raven black hair ,milk skin and the most interesting eyes I have ever seen, they where a stark emerald green and the first thing you noticed about both. Ruby and Amelia left as soon as they saw them, claiming they had to meet someone. I wondered if I sould be afraid.

After there happy renuinion (two days apart, it was awful) Elizabeth introduced me, Elliot seemed friendly enough, Clara a little more wary. I bushed it off, didn't exaclty bother me . Both Elliot and Amelia where nice enough to show me to all my classes (considering  Elizabeth and Ruby had classes in a totally different part of the school) and they where fine, not much to talk about. We ate lunch together along with about ten other people, and I took yoga with Elizabeth and Ruby. Elizabeth invited me to go get after school coffee with Clara, Elliot and a few of Clara's friends saying it was a monday tradition. I went along with them, and the girls Clara invited who introduced themselves as Laura, Jess and Melanie they where nice, a little fashion obsessed but when you have unbelieveable amounts of money at your disposal it becomes more an art. The coffee shop was nothing to talk about, I had a decent time, went back to school ate dinner, did homework (On the first day too) and sleep. I could already feel myself falling into the rythm of the school.   

The End

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