Chapter Three Book One

I woke to the sound of quiet folksy indie rock on Elizabeth's radio in our bathroom, it was 9:30 and she was up, saying we needed to go downstairs for breakfast at 10. I jumped out of bed, falling over my open suitcase, causing unfamilar laughter. I looked up and another girl leaned agianst the wall of my dormroom, laughing with Elizabeth (who was in the bathroom curling her hair with the door open) at my blounder. She quickly offered to help me up though,

"trying to redeem herself" I speculated

She introduced herself as Ruby, and spoke in a quiet whispery voice. She was medium height, average weight with gray eyes and beautiful wavy brown hair. Like Elizabeth she was also remarkable; must have been a rich person thing. She was sharing a bathroom with me, and was warm and friendly. She was much quieter than Elizabeth and we talked about generic things while I raced to get ready, she was already dressed, in a light creme tank with a navy polka dot skirt and a pair of ballet flats. Elizabeth was dressed too, in a floor length lavender dress which floated down to a pair of leather gladiator's. Both looked better than I could ever be. I tore through my measly wardrobe, which felt stunningly inadaquite and eventually pulled together a tee shirt dress (my only dress) with a pair of ked's knock off's and an oversized gray 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Ruby looked at my wardrobe with stunned horror

"That is it?" apparently she thought every girl only wore an outfit once.

"pretty much" I said nonchalantly, it didn't bother me much she thought my style wasn't good enough I didn't care about it much anyways.

"Were going shopping this afternoon Ruby you can come and bring Amelia will you? I'd hate to see her alone."

"We as in me and you?" my voice had a bit of edge, it was offending she insulted my clothing and ignored my independance.

"Of course! I was going to tell you at breakfast, but I was planning on shopping today and wanted to invite you along." nice backtracking

"Oh ok"

I agreed silently and quickly finished my hair and makeup which was all drugstore bought, something I became painfully aware of looking through Elizabeth's Chanel and Mac littered makeup counter. When we got into the hall it was littered with girls all making there way to the dining hall. They all looking amazingly beautiful and I could feel the excitement that radiated from there bodies. I cought snipit's of convorsations, normal first day things like "Have you seen...?" or "What classes do you have?" it conforted me a little, that these strange creatures where at least a bit like me. Also to my comfort no one really paid a second glance, the few who stopped and spoke to Elizabeth or Ruby would notice and introduce themselves, but no one really seemed to care.

The school was all decortated like a victorian mansion that also happened to be a school, paintings adorned the hallways, along with chandaliers and random seeming furniture. The lobby was huge, with two marble staircases and a lovely lookout and huge crystal chandeiler. The girls dorms where to the left of the staircase on the second floor, the boys to the right. The ground level had classrooms in the right hallway's, the library and art room's were straight backwards and the cafeteria and gym rooms where to the right. It was smaller than it apeared, but I hadn't had time to explore, and I knew old houses often looked much smaller on the inside due to lots of little rooms and secret staircases and wings for workers.

The dining hall had long mohangany tables with straightbacked formal chairs, but it was set up more like a regular school cafeteria with tables sitting about 12 and a frotn station lined with food, only it was much classier. It was only about quarter full, which made sense considering most people came today, and kids from the city only had to show up monday. Elizabeth and I  grabbed cereal from the front and coffee (I know coffee in a school how cool is that?)  flashed our meal card's (so we couldn't take more than allowed), while Ruby said she always skipped and found a table already nearly filled with girls. They all introdced themselves and tried to incloude me in the convorsation but I didn't have much to say when the topic's turned to grandiose summer destinations (Elizabeth went to london, Ruby to her hometown in Seatle and them to Quebec for a month). We left after about an hour and made our way to the lobby where I meet Amelia, she was tall and thin with a big smile on her face nearly every second. She had forest green eyes, bright copper hair a splash of freckles over her nose and an english accent. She and I got aquianted while she unpacked with Ruby and Elizabeth in their room (It looked nearly identical expcept for the room color, which was rasberry) she had summered on the spainish coast, although she didn't tan, which I found odd. She was from london, but had been going to school here since she was a freashman. At about one we left to go shopping, I wasn't planning on buying anything, not with the store's they where going too. I probablly couldn't afford a hair elastic in Barneys or Saks. It was fairly uneventful, Elizabeth insisted I buy something, which I argued saying I wouldn't take charity, so she grabbed a ton of things, bought them and dropped the bag in my hand with a

"Happy Saturday"

I rolled my eyes but took the bag, looking inside she had bought me the lace dress I was eyeing when we walked in, a pair of lovely mqueen heels a few tank tops, a messanger bag  a skirt and a set of bangles. I was stunned, this most likely cost $2,000 minumum and I wasn't looking at the prices in case I was wrong. She had also got every single thing I had liked in the store, even though I only mentioned the heels. Elizabeth was obviously more perceptive than I thought. I considered going back on my own and returning everything, but that would insult her. I sighed, I would have to take it. When we left it was nearly sunset, I had survived my first day.

The End

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