Chapter Two Book One

After fumbling through grand central and the rest of the city I found it at about ten , since it was late I had to be buzzed in, something I struggled with (first time!) while staring at the imposing Victorian design to the building, which took up nearly a city block alone. After a few moment's a short stubby woman with a matronly glare lugged open the massive wood doors. She didn't introduce herself, only asked my name and showed me to my rooms while making it obvious I disturbered her. My room was number ten, at the far end of the girls dorms. I was living with only one other girl but had to share a bathroom with the two in the neighboring room. Which was going to be lovely considering they could all pick me out as the charity case in my wall mart/thrift store wardrobe, measly belongings and public school upbringing. Not that I was complaining, I didn't have many friends in Overbrook anyways. Not many people would want to be friends with a forbes, the daughter had a mental breakdown, the mother was a no-show and the father was a spinless alcoholic.
Eventually the woman lumbered to the door and tossed me a small generic key, claiming that if Iost it I wasn't getting another and some other mild threats. She rapped on the door and a small girl (maybe five foot tall?) answered almost immediately. I was taken back; she was small and delicate in every way with honey blonde hair and great big blue eyes framed by thick eyelasses. She was the girl that anyone normal person would feel inferior just standing next to her, the charisma was electric. My new roomate gave the woman a surgary smile
"Oh thank you so much Mrs.Davis!" she cooed the woman nodded solemly and left, then she practically pulled me into the room,
"Riley right? I'm Elizabeth by the way." she was ultimiately much more welcoming than I had expected, I reconsidered my previous approach of "live and let live" and realized I might have been a bit biased.
"Yea" I answered surveying the room, which also exceded my expectations, it matched what little of the school I had seen with heavy Edwardian decor. We had identical twin beds with (also identical) trunks and a desk seperating the two beds . It looked lived in, but certainly not messy, a bit of a neat freak/perfectionist myself, I was glad, I didn't think I would be able to handle a pig.
"Isn't it cool?" Elizabeth asked seeing me staring
"I was super suprised my first year too, but your lucky my roomate was unbearable, she had just come from France and she thought Americans where scum, so as you can imagine it wasn't fun."I plopped my suitcase on (what I guessed was) my bed. I was in the mood for idle chatter.
"What happened to her?" I took the bait
"Well, we became best friends"
"Mhm" I muttered suspicous that I was caught with the incureable ray of sunshine, something I wasn't exactly pleased with considering my Johnny Rainclould personna. She went on, talking about how I'm going to love it here and giving me instructions on daily life etc.. It was nice, she talked about her life and I managed to be poliete without giving too much away. Her name was Elizabeth she said he last name didn't matter considering she was orphaned at the age of seven, only a year older than I was before my mother disapeared. I decided it was ok to tell her that my mother died and we bonded she didn't mumble an "I'm Sorry" and change the subject, something I had become accustumed too, we shared insight and found us more alike than I would have first believed. Elizabeth had come from money young, but when her parents died she lived with an uncle in the city, she liked him but he was a novelist and as unreliable as my father was. She eventually got accepted into the NYSEC on scholarship when she was 15 where she meet Elliot Martin, her boyfriend now of a year he was twins with Clara and she was practcically adopted into their prestegious and weathly family. It was near unbelieveable, but she told it in a way that I couldn't dissprove it, I guess I would meet them when school begins on Monday. We talked for most of the night while she helped me unpack, complementing all of my vintage finds sliding all of my department store clothes in the back of my dresser. I pretended I didn't notice. Eventually I claimed I could barely keep my eyes open, and I sleep deeply. Full of hope for the future.

The End

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