Chapter One Book One

It began the day I started at the New York school for Exceptional Children, the summer I had been approched for a scholarship and took it. I needed to leave, to forget. That tiny town near buffalo that was once comfortable and homey had become clausterphobic and I was sufficating.
The school was elite, rich kids mostly I was the designated charity case. I had been mentally preparing myself for being outcatsed and ostrasized since I got my schedule. They gave us down time in the city though, maybe I could find some friends there. It was a boarding school, but those who lived in and around Manhattan could commute; since buffalo was about a five hour drive I was obviously boarding. It was frightening in a sense, I was 16 and alone in a strange city, without a friend or any guidance. My Dad was a wreck, but I had never been more than two or three days without him. 

After packing my (few!) items and saying a tearfelt goodbye to lesiel and Jacob, my two best friends and a not so tearfelt goodbye to my dad after he dropped me off at the train station which I took took the train straight into Manhattan. I optedto take  a sleeping pill to ease my thoughts and pass the time, and woke up right before we got off.
It was late. and the city was glittering. I had only been once with my mother before she died I was five. I buried my nose in the map my dad had thrown at me in a alcohol induced range a few days ago. Then it hit me for the first time. I.Was.Free. I was going to get a part time job, save my money and become finacially independant, Maybe I could make some friends and stay with them over the summer. Maybe just Maybe this was a new begining. I could leave my Dad and his pretencious town behind forever. And never look back.

The End

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