Riley Forbes just recieved a scholarship to one of the most exclusive private schools in the country. She chalks it up to her brains, but things at the school just aren't right. Classmates have sporatic seziures, the school is vandalized with errie messages and a girl turns up dead all in the first week. For some reason things just aren't settling right for Riley at her new school, and she's afraid to find out why.

"RUN!" Xavior screamed as we dodged a burning beam, my hand was clamped in his in a chaotic deathgrip.His black eyes where fixed on me pleading,

"You have to get out"

"No" my voice was as steely as I felt, I've never been irrational in my life and I figured that since I was most likely going to die, I might as well start. In a flash he was gone, in a vain hope that leaving me would make me somehow give up. It only made me more determined. I ran toward the stairs, trying to get to the basement where I knew Elizabeth was, and soon Xavior would be, as soon as I reached the stairwell part of the ceiling caved, creating a burning blockade. I cursed, we where trapped.

The End

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