in this story is vampires, werewolves, witches the whole supernatural lot. but is it a dream or reality??

Tessa sat on the sofa and glanced at the clock, half past 1 in the morning. Her black hair pulled up into a loose bun, her green eyes getting itchy with tiredness, she wore a pair of jogging bottoms and a tank top. The bang from upstairs indicated her brother was now going to bed, she didn't understand how they could sleep without seeing all of this. Tessa stood up and reluctantly went upstairs into her bedroom, she left the main light on, hoping that it will keep her awake for at least a couple more seconds. her left hand pulled the covers back and she slowly climbed in, the green dreamcatcher above her head didn't work, she still had these nightmares. The only thing keeping her nightmares away during her sleep was the man in the cloak, the man without an identity. Her eyes drifted to a close and she was sucked under the darkness, the man smiled and held out a hand to her, Tessa smiled back and lightly took his hand in hers. she knew as long as he was here, she wouldn't be harmed. He was the true dreamcatcher. Tessa looked to the left with her green eyes and saw the creature again, blood dripping from his lips like before, but this time it was her blood. She felt recognition with the onster, only then did she realise it was her brother. She let out scream and the darkness swirled around her and formed into something different. This was only the beginning, worse was to come as of yet.

The End

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