Welcome to The Moving Castle of Dreams.
Welcome to your dreams.
This is Dream where everything isn't anything but its something that's nothing.
What if it were possible to make your dreams a reality?
What if you could see your dreams come true right before your eyes?
Dreams are what you make of them, or are they?
Would you sign a mysterious deadly contract just to watch sheep jump over a fence?
Come step into this story, follow in the footsteps of Four youthful teenagers-

 Please note that this is only a trial run (Thus I have no idea what I'm doing), everything is probably going to be confusing, maybe a little off, full of cliches and over flowing with an unnecessary amount of grammar mistakes like TOO MUCH COMMAS.

Good luck!


Dream One: Oakliana

The Powerful ones:
They are not God.

When I was little I remember I used to dream a lot of magic and far off places with Unicorns and mermaids. Places where you could dance with dwarfs and sing with the fearies. There I felt free and safe, there were no laws or ropes tying me down. I could fly and do whatever I wanted.
...I miss that...
Because you are no longer allowed to dream of what they call “Sin” in Dream. They think dreaming is harmful and unnatural. They feel threatened and small by all that is different.
Whenever I wanted to talk about my dreams, Sealah would always brush me off and walk away, he said it was forbidden to talk of such nonsense, he said we would be thrown to the “dragons”, and be eaten alive. Its obvious he’s lying, because dragons don’t exist in Dream. Nothing exists actually, were all trapped here until someone or something realizes what Dream is.

Dream, is just a fake world of what our minds want to create.
But They, wont let us create anything. And its making me feel as if I'm lost in a vast open space of nothingness. I have no family, no friends or future.
I just have Sealah, and I don’t even consider him family, or a friend.
 Hes just an idiot.

When I'm alone and lonely all I have to depend on are my words, books of stories and notes hidden under the floor boards of my room.  When I write, I feel like I can go back to the days when Dream really was one big happy dream. When fields of flowers would dance with each other against the warm wind. Where everyone was happy, laughing. drinking wine and frolicking in the meadows with talking horses and giants. Everything was gloriously magical and perfect!
But now....there are no more flowers or meadows. No more talking horses and giants, and no one is happy anymore....I never hear laughter, or see any smiles, no hugging or dancing.
Only the hate and sorrow that has replaced happiness.
In my opinion, Dream, is just like a fire-less hell.
They command that creativity is forbidden in Dream, that it is one of the 50 laws here, so writing is my little dark secret.

Sealah  likes to think he knows everything about me, but the only thing he actually knows is that I cant stand him, which is why hes an idiot.
Sealah is my uncle, he always wants me to call him uncle Sea, but I cant stand the idea of that stupid idiot being related to my dad. My dad wasn’t that great of a man, and he didn’t really do anything dramatic or amazing. He was, just my dad, which makes him amazing all on its own.

I used to have a family, a nice big jolly one at that. Three siblings and two parents that loved me. I remember we used to have the best of times, cracking up jokes and puns, even Salty the cat would try to sneak in a few. Whenever Jadis and Rio would make farting sounds with they’re hands Frey would burst out laughing and fall off his chair rolling on the floor with a huge bright grin up to his ears.  Ivyan, Luna and I would try our hardest to stifle our laughter but that would cause us to laugh harder.
Life, was bliss. Until  they all disappeared into nothingness, even salty. But that’s considered normal in Dream, everyone disappears, eventually everyone wakes up. Luckily for my family that  happened before They came along and took over Dream with money and lies, giving people hope with their empty promises.
I've always wanted to know why I didn’t disappear with my family, why I was the only one left behind in this hellish hole of waste.
"The forsaken one" They say. "She is chosen, you will have her fate, do not speak to her” They say.
They this, They that. I hate those tediously hateful “Powerful Ones” with their stupid rules and their pointless capes and irritating “Happiness” chanting. I wish they would just leave or be silenced to their precious little “Dragons.”

If I ever got the chance to make a wish, I would wish that dream never existed, that They never existed, that I never existed.

This is not my kind of dream.

The End

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