It is peaceful here. The sound that crowded me, that absorbed my whole body, is muted, gone. The weight of life has been lifted from my shoulders. Here nothing can touch me.

When I look up I see movement. The water rages up ahead. It seems so far away. Light filters down in golden green waves, that flicker across my arms and legs.

I look around and see nothing. Nought but the endless murky colours of the ocean. It scares me so. At the same time, however, it thrills me. I can explore here. I can go places people have only dreamed of. I can breathe.

There was a saying. What was it? We don't know our oceans? Something about unexplored places. The real world seems too far away for me to think about it.

Down. Further away from the crashing waves up above. No sound. Sound goes. Moving slowly. As I descend, everything else loses meaning. There is just the sea that surrounds me. Can't feel it. Can't feel cold. Not cold.

The sea bed. White sand, no green. Rocks with purple flowers, or are they flowers? One fish. A fish with bright scales. The wavery light dances upon it, making it glint like buried treasure. More fish. They circle the sea, always together, never alone.

Starfish on the rock. Waves to me. Can starfish wave? Tiny creatures stroke my hand, envelop me.

Now I am on the shore. The bright daylight hits me. Noise pounds me. No. Must get back to the ocean. It calls me. I cannot leave it. The waves roll, just out of reach. Get up. GET UP. Must reach it. Must get back to waves. To sea. To creatures.

I never want to leave. I must stay there forever.

The End

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