It was early morning when Adelaide woke up, only miles from the coast.  Up here in the hills, she could see everything.  The sun, which was a pale dusty rose, struggled to rise above the tall hills.  

Yesterday's journey had brought her out of the forest, across a plain, and into the hills where she was now.  Fog settled over the valley below her, and she felt as though she were on the edge of the world.  Looking down had some dizzying effects, but she knew it was her only option.  

Adelaide decided to leave now so as to avoid the many dangerous snakes that resided in the hills.  The littlest ones were the deadliest.  

It was long going, but many hours later, with the sun high over head, she reached the bottom of the hill.  The valleys were on the opposite side of the hill, and she was glad to be away from them.  There were many evil tales about those valleys, and though most were not be believed, some were more truthful then Adelaide cared to remember.  

If she weren't so close to the sea, the heat would be insufferable.  However, the ocean regulated the climate in this region, something everyone was grateful for.

[more later]

The End

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