12 Years Before:

   Elttaes, the king of Egoista, paced the dining hall fretfully. Never had he been so... so... insane? No, that wans't the word... Driven mad? Close, but still not the correct word his mind groped for. Ah... Never had he been so erratic. Yes, erratic was the word.  

   He replayed the Priestess's prediction in his mind over, and over, and over again. He couldn't forget it, it would not leave him. Glaring at the portrait of his father that hung on the wall with distate, he finally decided to sit in the large chair at the head of the long, empty table made of oak. His fingers drummed on the table noisily, endlessly.

   "Residing within the walls of Annuvulato are the bringers of your demise. There is nothing you can do to stop them once you make the first move." The batty old woman said, suddenly in a different reality, a reality of which the Gods send her to frequently, where she will receive warning of things to come.

   "What are you talking about?" Elttaes snapped, growing tired of her cryptic remarks.

   "Two children will rise against you, Elttaes. Two girls! The one; she is blind! Elttaes, you would let yourself be overtaken by a small blind girl and her sister? How could you?!" She shrieked, staring straight ahead with unseeing eyes. Then, suddenly calming down and lowering her voice, she said, "There is nothing you can do to stop them, Elttaes.

   "Elttaes, you are ignorant and believe that chidren are weak and naive, unable to do anything but simple house-hold chores. Don't deny it. You do not realize that size has nothing to do with will. These two girls are stronger and more cunning than you could imagine.

   "With hair of fire, and striking eyes, they will dwell in Annuvulato. The blind one will be born with eyes of amber, not eyes of coal. She is the elder. And the younger one will be born with eyes of lavender."

   "You keep saying 'will be'. What does that mean?" Elttaes shouted. He was growing irritable and worrisome.

   The woman with smokey eyes and graying hair merely laughed at him. "Have you learned nothing of my prophecies, King? In twelve years, the girls I've spoken of will rise against you and destroy you." The woman continued to cackle hideously, until the noise became high-pitched shrieks of hysterics. "You're running out of time."

   "Get her out of here!" Elttaes bellowed to his guards.

   The people lining either side of the grand oak table stared, open mouthed, at Elttaes in shock, mouths dropped as if they were inviting flies inside.

   "On pain of death, not one word of this will leave here.  I don't care if only one of you tells, I'll have you all beheaded. Do I make myself clear?" Elttaes yelled.

   There was a series of hurried nods and murmured, "yes sir"'s.

   Elttaes turned and left the room, his cloak billowing out behind him in graceful folds.

The End

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