Soul Color

   Breakfast had passed with little talk. But not long after, Amber and Vivian told Leopold of their last night in Annuvolato. Leopold had been silent for a long time before gathering the girls in a tight embrace, tears freely rolling down his round cheeks.

   Now, Amber and Vivian searched for the items on Elliot's list at the local market. So far, they had gotten fresh eggs and dairy products. Now, they needed to find fresh vegetables and fruits.

   Currently, they were bypassing the goats and pigs, still searching for the other items. Shortly after leaving the stench of farm animal manure behind them, Amber smelled the tantalizing fragrance of oranges; not long after that, Vivian saw the fruit stand.

   It was a small fruit stand, and it stood, isolated, on the corner. There weren't many towns people surveying the goods; most of the crowd hovered by the animals. Behind the stand, a petite maiden sat, waiting patiently for someone to take notice. She had fair strawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes, a round face, and many freckles from the sun. To Amber, though, she was merely a splash of bright red against the many dull-colored blobs surrounding her.

   Amber recognized the color to belong to Caroline. Nobody she knew had a color quite like this brilliant scarlet. Amber had been developing a theory about these colors of the people that she saw... She believed them to be the Soul Colors, or the colors of the soul.

   Depending on the personality of the person of interest, and their destiny, a color was assigned to the soul. The turquoise of her sister, Vivian, represented the energetic and optimistic personality of her soul, speaking as if this hypotheses is correct. The dusty rose of her mother could have represented the kindness and generosity that she had exhibited. Amber did not know her own color, because she couldn't see herself the way she saw others. But, if she had to take a gander, she would estimate that her own Soul Color was was a bright oak green to suit her calmness and control over frantic situations.

   Amber and Vivian approached Caroline slowly, maneuvering carefully through the thick crowd. Caroline looked up to greet her new customers when she realized just who was standing before her. Giving a cry of delight, she scurried around the stand and threw her arms around the two sisters joyfully.

The End

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