A Welcoming Smile

   It was late in the night when Leopold finally returned home. Leopold was a stout man with dark unkempt hair. Silver eyes glittered in the dim light of the kitchen. His face was untouched by the countless years he's witnessed pass. Odd shadows were cast upon his face by three candles that rest on the small round table in the center of the room.

   Emerging from the dark of the rest of the house, Elliot appeared, taking her husband's coat silently.

   "It is late. You should rest," was all she said to him after a long moment. Elliot herself was frankly exhausted--she had just shown Amber and Vivian to their room after a long talk with them.

   "Okay, Elliot," he smiled at her warmly, and Elliot tried to return the gesture, but it was tired and weak.


   Night finally fell silent and dawn broke free, waking Vivian. Vivian yawned, and stretched. Carefully, she got out of the bed, making her side quickly, and heading to the one small bathroom.

   As she came out, Elliot opened her door quietly, poking her head out. "I thought I heard you moving around," she said, smiling faintly.

   "Yes, you did. I do not mean to be rude, but would you please get a breakfast started? I am very hungry, and I am sure my sister will be too," Vivian said in a small voice. She hated to order people around, and she always felt rude in doing so.

   "Of course, darling. Is there anything you might like specifically?

   "No, I am fine with whatever you choose. But thank you, Elliot," Vivian replied gratefully.

   "Of course."

   When Elliot had finished in the kitchen and set the table, Leopold entered as Vivian left to wake Amber.

   When they were all seated at the table, Leopold gave the girls a welcoming smile.

The End

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