Dust and Pebbles

   Most of the day has passed, and still they walk the barren dirt road. Dust and pebbles were kicked up as their tired feet moved forward.

   The sun no longer beat upon their backs; it was now low in the sky. The horizon was a hodgepodge of pink, yellow, and orange- over all, a very neat effect.

   "How much further?" Vivian whined. She'd kept up a string of complaints for most of the journey, only remaining quiet for a few minutes just after a rest. "Can we rest now?" and "Are we almost there yet?" were just two variations of them.

   No one could expect more of a young ten year old girl, though. Complaining is a way of life to them, their very own language.

   "Maybe a mile or two left," Amber answers grimly. She'd grown tired of the whiney questions long ago. If I weren't the oldest of us, I'd have been complaining too. It is a long and difficult peregrination, Amber thought dully. Amber herself was only a year older than Vivian.

   They trudged on for the remainder of the daylight, and even on into the night. Now, they encroach upon the territory of Mastonia, a medium sized town they'd visited only twice before with their mother on important business. They never knew what that business was, but at the time they did not care. Actually, they still do not care.

   Commotion could be heard through out the city despite the lateness of the evening. The moon glowed brightly, illuminating the road they had come in upon. The road ran right through the center of town, many side roads and streets resting on either side. Dust and pebbles, and maybe even a little animal feces were all that the road was composed of.

   "Tell me when we reach the forth street to the left," Amber whispered. Amber had grasped Vivian's hand some time ago, and now she gave it a gentle squeeze, encouraging Vivian to push onward and walk a little ways more. Vivian returned the gesture, comforted by her sister's presence.

The End

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