Violet Haze

   Though the sun shines bright and warm, lighting up the world, Amber only sees a violet haze. In the midst of the haze, a blob of turquoise dances back and forth, growing larger and smaller as her sister moves around the camp-sight, gathering their few belongings. That is how Amber is; every soul has its own unique color. Vivian's is a bright turquoise. Ellen, her mother, had been a dusty rose color. She didn't know her father's color- she's never known him.

   Amber pushed the thoughts of her family out of her head. There was no use in wishing for something that's long gone. At least, that was what Amber had always believed. Cherish and appreciate what you've got, and do not long for what you can never have. Greed and jealousy may have destroyed the world, but they would not destroy Amber.

   Vivian looked around herself. The meadow they had camped in for the night was absolutely gorgeous, but she did not appreciate the beauty as she might have yesterday morning. Not now that the one thing she loved most was gone. Amber was all she had left.

   Wild flowers of pink, blue, yellow, white, violet, every color imaginable, sprouted up through the rich soil. They were thriving in the new spring weather. A soft breeze ruffled her bright red hair and made ripples in the tall grasses. To the north, the meadow reached out for miles. To the east, a small strip of the forest separated the meadow from a sandy beach and a large body of water. In the west, the whole of the forest rested in peace, covering what could have been the majority of the world. Vivian knew better than that, of course; but she couldn't help the way things appeared to be.

   In the south, an old beaten up dirt road lay beneath a green canopy. The road was maybe three miles away. It was a major trading route during the dry season. The end of this road was their destination.

   "So, what are we going to do when we get to Mastonia?" Vivian asked, breaking the thick silence. A flock of black birds took off in the sky, startled by the break in monotony caused by her hoarse voice.

   The silence started to come back, settling in. Finally, Amber spoke. "We are going to hide our faces, steal a little food, a horse, listen to the news, and move on. Eventually, we will try to learn why our village was damned and why they were looking for us. And we will try to live a normal, comfortable life- until they come after us again. But we must remain alert and on our toes; do not draw attention to ourselves."

   Amber's sightless eyes stared intently into Vivian's own. It was scarry how Amber could do that, know who people were and where they are at, even though she was blind.

   Amber had strange eyes. When she was born, instead of black like a normal infant's, her's had been a deep amber color- for which she was named. But sometimes, her eyes were a silver blue. They change depending on her mood. Right now, they were the blue color; she was still depressed. Her hair, with the sun in it, looked like the flames that destroyed their home- a constant reminder.

   Vivian looked almost like Amber. Red hair, pale face, many freckles. But her own eyes changed from a pale lavender to a silvery blue. Her's too, right now, were the color of that silver blue. Mood eyes must run in their family.

   "Come on. We should go now. If we are lucky, we can catch someone alone and steal some fresh clothes," Amber said standing.

   "Must we steal?" Vivian asked, repulsed by the thought.

   "I hope you don't expect everyone to take pity on and show mercy to us. People are rude and greedy, rarely showing generosity and kindness to anyone. We're only acting as Karma, showing them what goes around comes around. We'll only take what we need to survive and only from people who have wealth but do not share. We'll be like Robin Hood and help people like us." Amber tried to justify their actions to come, but it did not fool Vivian. Amber didn't like the thought of stealing either; it made her sick to her stomach.

   "We didn't used to have nothing," Vivian grumbled.

   "That's not true. We don't have nothing; we have each other. Sorellas forever."

   "Sorellas forever," Vivian repeated quietly. Hand in hand, they walked south. It took two hours, but they eventually found the dirt road. It travelled from east to west; they walked for a mile more westward.

The End

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