Dream of Violet

Two sisters have an unavoidable destiny. Many hopes rest on their shoulders. This is a tale of daring adventure, a tyrannous and villainous king, a prophecy, and the will of sheer fate.


   She cannot see as you or I do. She relies on her hands and her heart to guide her feet.

   Today, her feet have brought her to an unfamiliar lake. The sky glows a deep violet. The autumn trees are gold and red; the sun is bright but low, and very cold. She cannot see this, for she cannot see. But she knows how it's supposed to look, the world. For the world's beauty is tangible to her in a way that it is for no other.

   At the water's edge, she kneels, cupping her hand and dipping them into the cool water, creating small ripples. She drinks quietly and hastilly from her hands. Her hair falls into her pale face as she stands and turns. Only a few paces away, a tree stripped of bark occupies much space. Her cane, made of a long and smooth stick, rests gently upon it's naked trunk. With a tight grip in place at the handle of the cane, she moves forward; the tip of the stick waves back and forth, back and forth- detecting obstacles in her path. Unfortunately, it only detects physical features of the land she walks.

The End

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