Florentine Shadow

Jana is a young girl that lives a normal life externally, but internally she experiences the most abnormal .. events, something she never shared with anyone. Sometimes she thought she was insane, and sometimes she entertained the thought that she was a prophetess. When she wanted to give a more rational explanation to her visions and dreams, she said that they were a result of her long-experienced depression.

I kept my Muses in dungeons--
In Hades,
And the years passed by…
And I forgot their names…

Today, I woke up to a foreign breeze brushing my face gently, but the air was mingled with a familiar aroma; that of freshly baked bread and heated olive oil. It was not a strange thing. My senses always worked just as perfectly in dreams as they did in reality. So, knowing that it was a new dream, I ventured to explore the place and I knew just from the first glance it was Florence. I loved that particular place in the world though I only visited in my dreams.

I walked through its alleys while people were passing me by carelessly. Nothing is unusual, I was about to believe before I was stopped by a Shadow that only I could see, apparently. I was not frightened by it featureless face or by the aura of death and eeriness that surrounded it. Instead, I was curious to know what Its intentions would be. The Shadow pointed at Ponte Vecchio bridge that appeared in the near distance, then It wandered hurriedly towards it. I knew It would not communicate with a human language. So, I followed without hesitation or fears, led by the otherworldly sense that never betrayed me. When I reached the bridge, the Shadow was looking down at the shimmering water of Arno river. I looked in the same direction to meet my reflection before his began to become clear. I instantaneously flinched at recognizing that ancient face.

The un-embodied Shadow's Truth was only manifested reversed, in the sincerest mirror of Florence that once, too, held the reflection of His most beloved woman.

The End

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